Manus Island Risks

Guardian Australia has revealed a leaked November 2013 study commissioned by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on the expansion of the Manus Island internment camp.

Plans for a massive expansion of the Manus Island processing centre carry extreme risks of exposure to hazardous materials, asbestos and unexploded ordnance, as well as high risks of environmental and heritage damage.

The Guardian report goes on,

Construction of the new facility has already started.It can also be revealed the project has been fast-tracked by Australia’s Department of Environment. In December the department made a ruling that the development would not have a significant environmental impact and did not have to go through a more rigorous approval process.

(Photo: AAP)

Is exposure to such risks – to asylum seekers, local residents, camp staff, construction workers and others – acceptable? The Australian Government seems prepared to take them, but what about the Australian people? What about detention contractor Transfield, and its investors?

What about you?

Manus Island Risks


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