“He’s not even Australian.”

Responding to the reiteration, in detail, of claims that Australian officials deliberately burned asylum seekers’ hands during an ‘on water’ operation, Senator David Johnston urged the public not to trust the witness, Mr Fasher. The Australian reports:

Senator Johnson [sic] dismissed a report published by Fairfax Media yesterday in which Somalian man Yousif Ibrahim Fasher said he was a witness to brutality, where asylum-seekers allegedly had their hands deliberately burned.

“He’s not even Australian,” Senator Johnson [sic] said. “I mean, it’s all very well, but these people are desperate people, we are winning this battle, and I expect there will be more aspersions cast as they lose money, lose face and lose opportunity.”

Who do you believe?

Defence Minister Senator David Johnston

Sen Johnstone (Photo: Alex Ellinghausen)

Translator Yousif Ibrahim Fasher, right, claims  three asylum seekers had their hands deliberately burned by the Australian navy during its second operation to tow back an asylum vessel to Indonesia in January.

Yousif Ibrahim Fasher, right (Photo: Michael Bachelard)


“He’s not even Australian.”

One thought on ““He’s not even Australian.”

  1. Lloyd Webber says:

    I certainly wouldn’t believe Johnstone, Abbott, Pyne, Hockey or anyone in the LNP circus. They spin, they lie and they make ludicrous comments just like the,”He’s not even Australian” comment from Johnstone. He’s not a fit person for a cabinet minister. Does anyone believe anything this pathetic Govt says?


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