Australian connection to UK Minister responsible for racist ‘Go Home’ van

Mark Harper, the immigration minister behind the controversial campaign that put “go home” adverts on vans to urge illegal immigrants to leave Britain, has resigned after learning that his private cleaner for seven years did not have permission to work in the UK. [more]

This is the van referred to in the above:

racistvanIt was part of a campaign developed by Lynton Crosby.

Lynton Crosby was the campaign strategist for the Liberal Party and John Howard during the lead-up to the 2001 Australian federal election — during the time of the military seizure of the MV Tampa and the “children overboard” affair.

In 2005, Crosby began working as an adviser to the Conservative Party in the UK.

BWJLvm_IgAAVn3PThe aim of campaigns such as the ‘Go Home’ van in the UK is not simply to remove undocumented migrants, since in many cases there remains a question about where, instead, they would go.

It is a campaign of racist intimidation which seeks to ensure that — as in the case of Mark Harper’s cleaner — they work for as close to nothing as possible. And do not complain.



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