Report from Manus Island Detention Centre

This is an unedited report from the Manus Island Detention camp. There is limited access to online communications, so reports have been very brief. 

1- We had no access to net and phone in the region of 15 days
2- Detainees slept in the main yard under the rain and glary sun in ten days
3- the quality and quantity of food extremely came down and its exactly suitable for garbage
4- there is no staff to clean up the main yard and toilet kitchen and some other places and transfrees have to do it by themeselves
5- The gym facilities and recreation havbe benn broken by locals and clients couldent exercise during the day
6- We are being threatend everyday by locals from outside of the compound in the way to medical and they have stated that: Next time you all will be killed.
7- All of the transfrees have been mentally exhausted and desperated and also they cant sleep whole of the night.
8- Most of our belongings ( such as shoes Mp3 clothes and etc) have been stolen at the incident night

Report from Manus Island Detention Centre

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