#Transfield (aka Broadspectrum) Letter to Shareholders, etc

If you read this document carefully, you will understand why a ‘corporate code of conduct’ is meaningless in the context of the detention industry:

This is the link to the Transfield Services’ Letter to Shareholders: 881016_TSE

After two years of running a boycott and divestment campaign (phew), we’re looking forward to Transfield’s Annual General Meeting.

The Fairfax Media has been running hard trying to defend Transfield in the Financial Review- Fairfax are owned by Allan Gray, which is the largest shareholder in Transfield Services.

Stay tuned for more, including on unfolding contract negotiations for Manus and Nauru. Being rumoured that the contract is valued at arond $2.7 billion, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Moreover, while Transfield have been named as the preferred tenderer (and this is not contractually insignificant), it will not be set in place until the contracts are signed in late October.

Whether it’s Transfield, Broadspectrum or some other company — the divestment and boycott campaigns will not cease. Consider this a form of social accounting: the costs of a damaging industry will be borne by companies involved in that industry. There will be no gains in detention. That’s our pledge.

Transfield are also likely to appear before the Senate Inquiry on taxation this coming week.

See also “Are Divestment Campaigns Calls For Nicer https://wordpress.com/post/63417586/newCages, Ethical Carnage And Cleaner Coal?” and a brief response to GetUp’s ‘No Business In Abuse’.

#Transfield (aka Broadspectrum) Letter to Shareholders, etc


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