Design, architecture, and the cultural violence of the border. #BoycottArchDaily #NoBorderWall

Lines of opposition have been drawn across international architecture and design circles following the launch of competition that invites creative engagement with Donald Trump’s proposal to “Build the Wall”. The dispute has resulted in a call from Montreal-based FIG Projects to boycott the ArchDaily weblog over its role in distributing the competition call out, and a decision by Bustler editors to refuse to publicise the competition due to “fear that it promotes xenophobia”.

These moves resonate with tactics used in the 2014 Sydney Biennale Boycott and raises again the question of how designers, artists, writers, and other creative workers might effectively oppose the interests of the border industrial complex.

A new piece by Matthew Kiem makes the case for disrupting the connections that events like Building the Border Wall? aim to facilitate. It is worth reading in relation to an interview with Angela Mitropoulos published in New Inquiry last November that addresses the international reach of the both the border industry and its opposition, along with this piece by Mitropoulos on the meaning and implications of post-Fordist fascism.

Design, architecture, and the cultural violence of the border. #BoycottArchDaily #NoBorderWall


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