Beyond Borders action – Stop Transfield! Melb, Feb 10th

  • reposted from Beyond Borders (fb):
    Transfield is an infrastructure and construction company that has just been awarded the government contract of “Operational and Maintenance Support Services for Nauru Regional Processing Centre.” This means that Transfield now provides the material necessities for the operation of mandatory offshore detention, from fixing dripping taps to securing fences. Transfield has already been operating on Nauru, but will expand to provide Garrison Support Services and Welfare at both Manus Island and Nauru.Politics do not only operate at the level of politicians. This racist border control regime is multi-faceted and widespread, at some points easier to see than at others. This also means there are many points at which we can disrupt the draconian border policing system in Australia today.At Beyond Borders we think it’s time to hold the companies who actually implement these policies responsible, and stop their operations if we can. If you want to do something, please come to our strategy day on Saturday the 8th of February at Trades Hall, to be followed by an action place and time TBC on Monday the 10th of February.


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